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Before Your Massage

How to get the most from your massage and bodywork session.
We ask that you prepare yourself for your session by cutting back on Alcohol and unhealthy food consumption prior to your visit to us.  
All of us need to drink more water so please make sure that a for a few days prior to your appointment you consume adequate water to make sure your body is well hydrated.  This is true for after your massage as well, as this assist’s your body to release any toxins via the urine.
If you would like to have very deep tissue work we ask that you prepare yourself for this by coming with only a light meal in your stomach or none if it is early in the day.  This means you and your body can be fully present and your bodies focus is not busy digesting food.
We ask you to think about what it is you would like to bring into your life and what you would like to leave behind during the massage.  Please contemplate this before seeing us. 
We look forward to sharing a journey with you soon. 
Who Can Receive Bodywork?
Everybody regardless of body shape, age or state of health can receive bodywork.
Bodywork offers excellent treatment possibilities for people suffering stress depression, exhaustion, physical discomfort and injuries, confusion, grief or loss.  It can also assist if you’re dealing with ongoing illness, relationship problems or issues at work.
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