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What our clients say

It gives us great pleasure to share our knowledge and love of massage, bodywork and facilitation with people as we travel the world.  We know the power of what we do and it makes our souls sing when we hear how we have touched our clients lives.  Here are some of their stories.

"My name is Choo Kah Ying. I have been honoured and privileged to have known Roger as massage professional and friend for the last 10 years. He introduced me to the power of the loving touch when he massaged Sebastien, my then-9-year-old autistic son. I was moved to tears to see someone who professed to be inexperienced with autistic kids interact and connect with Sebastien in such an authentic and respectful fashion. (A detailed description of their first massage experience is documented in my book, Raising Sebastien: Realising the Potential of Your Autistic Child.)


Over the next decade, Roger would have massaged/counselled me through my divorce, the death of Timmi — my beloved cat, and my rocky journey of parenting Sebastien. Always couching his advice in playful terms that belie their wisdom and power, he has challenged me to embrace out-of-the-box attitudes towards Sebastien. Although my parenting of Sebastien, now 19, continues to be fraught with challenges on a daily basis, I have also come to recognise that my journey with him has been a “gift” that is constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to address my own limitations. 


Nonetheless, to this day, what has lingered in my heart, which testifies to Roger’s gift of love and wellness to the world, is the sendoff he gave F., a friend of mine who was going through the last phase of his struggle with cancer. That afternoon, Roger held the hand of F. and smiled gently at him, as F. slipped in and out of consciousness. Roger created a circle of love around F. by having a handful of us in the room link hands together with one another. From time to time, F. would open his eyes that were bright with serenity and joy and thank Roger. After a while, F. awoke completely and proceeded to chant loudly with renewed energy. As his family joined him in the chant, we decided to leave to give them their space. We learned later that F. had passed away hours later in a complete state of peace, which also gave F.’s family tremendous solace."

                                                 Kah Ying (Singapore)"


"Roger Curtis is one of the best massage therapists I have encountered. He has great technique, getting right to the source of the discomfort and fixing it. 

I have so many good things to say. He has large strong gental hands that just seem to roll out the kinks and strains and pains effortlessly. Roger is a good listener with a lot of knowledge to share if you ask."


Rhonda Duke   Massage Therapist   East End. Saskatchewan. Canada


"I received Roger's massage when I was undergoing big changes in my life -relocation from Asia to Europe (I am an Asian), and job change. I was a bit worried and sick because I am going to face a great deal of uncertainty arising from such big changes.  The morning after I got his massage, I suddenly became clear and confident about my both relocation and employer change. Moreover, strangely, I couldn't wait to go there and have fun in my new journey. It was a feeling that I have never experienced before. Roger's massage is truly unique to me and shifting myself into higher self. I felt lucky for me to be able to encounter him."


Love and light,

Ihna  (Singapore)


"I have known Roger since 2005 when I attended a workshop where he was providing BodyWork.  I have had all different types of bodywork before but nothing like the work Roger did.


Roger’s work has developed into something quite unique as he is working on several layers of energy in the body simultaneously allowing for more breakthroughs.

I can highly recommend Roger’s bodywork sessions. He has a wonderful kind, gentle, humorous, safe energy."


Roby  (Sydney)


"My lifetime experience of male behaviour had made it difficult to trust males especially in the context of massage. Roger Curtis has been a big factor in restoring my faith in men. His kindness, gentleness and sensitive manner have always enabled me to feel safe both with his massaging and his counselling"


Rosie  (Albury)



"I have been a little sceptical of healing techniques that are overly gentle or those that involve the practitioner working with intuition.  When Roger suggested Bodywork, the sense of doubt in me rose a little.  I have experienced longstanding intestinal pain as the result of lesions from

surgery I had a number of years ago.  I didn't mention this to Roger as I had long since accepted that it was something I would simply have to live with.  He was instantly drawn to work on the area and within half an hour the pain was gone.  It has been one week since the Bodywork session and I am still pain free.  Thank you Roger." 


Julie  (Sawtell)


Thank you for your amazing Healing Hands & Miracles Workshop -

"My name is Linda and I teach Living Foods & Yoga. The very next day after I completed the course, a close friend had a sprained hip and could not walk properly. I applied what I learnt from Roger on my friend, and he recovered completely without having to seek external treatment! Roger & Jan's Healing Miracles Workshop enabled me to deliver healing to a close friend who would otherwise have to go running to look for a doctor; I highly recommend this Workshop to anybody who's looking to improve their skills be it as a Massage Therapist or a Healer."

Cheers To Light Love Laughter!


Linda  (Singapore)


I went to meet Lady Jan, an artist of the Ka Huna Massage. When  I came in, I did not have a request just walking through relaxation.  I could feel  knots untangling from the spine and thorough the joints, where I could even not imagine that I have sent my "inner garbage"!  

Every therapist has their motivations.  So when we meet the right soul to take a great journey together, with them we dance on the same Tempo, We both become a Masterpiece.



Virginie  (Singapore)


“I first went to Roger as part of an emotional freedom program. His massage released spiritual, emotional and physical blockages I had been carrying for years. I have become a more balanced and loving person - more comfortable and aware.  Roger’s Kahuna massages are truly transformational and revitalizing at every level – just wonderful!”


Margaret  (Melbourne)


"Aloha! Drawn by the intuitive fluid rhythm of the Ka Huna massage, I requested for a session with Roger, which over time has evolved into a sharing of knowledge and friendship. With years of study and experience in various healing modalities, Roger lets his intuition lead the way. He listens with such kindess, shares his stories, offers a loving, respectful sanctuary that is free of fear and judgment, and often answers questions that you have not yet asked. He shows you practical healing techniques you can do at home; I have used many successfully for my friends and myself. I wish Jan and Rog every joy and success. May more people benefit from this blessed work."

Kanya Kanchana (Singapore)

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