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Massage & Bodywork

Please scroll through our range of massage & body work services.  No matter which service you choose, please take a moment to ready our preparation tips here

Full Body Ka Huna Massage

Ka Huna Bodywork is unique in a number of respects.  We as practitioners use our hands, forearms and elbows to massage. We use flowing Hula and Tai Chi style movements as we move around the massage table working with energy while applying soft and deep tissue massage.

Music is played while we attune the flow of the massage to harmonise the various rhythms within your body, mind and soul.

Pregnancy Massage

Roger's Bodywork/Massage

Principally Roger will work with your Bodies natural ability to heal itself. Roger’s focus will be to work with your “Wellness”.

Nothing is in isolation within your body and Roger will check from Head to Toe, working with what is presented to recreate balance and  harmony in body that can then flow into your life.

Roger’s aim is to activate your body to heal itself so if you have a similar injury in the future your body will remember how to repair itself.

Roger has attracted the some incredible healing arts teachers into his life and he will endeavour to use the best of these techniques, his intuition and techniques he has developed to assist you on your healing journey.

His aim is to work with you to heal any imbalance (un ease) your body (life) may have.  Some of the many things Roger can work with are Body alignment, Carpel Tunnel, RSI, Tennis Elbow, Fertility, Back Pain, Joint and muscle pain.

This massage bonds mother and child.  It is a flowing massage that releases tension associated with Pregnancy.  Using our special table that is made for pregnant women, it features a door on the underside of the table that allows mum to lay on her stomach on the table, whilst her baby is fully supported from underneath.  This allows the women to receive

                        -  a full back massage.

                        -  fluid drainage.

                        -  tension release.

                        -  breath work.


Celebration of Your Birth Massage

Australian Healing Hands Chair Massage

Our lives have cycles,  a ‘Celebrating your Birth Massage’ can be your yearly celebration carried out on the day and time of your arrival, providing a time for celebration in the uniqueness of the amazing person you are.

This is gives an opportunity to address any re occurring patterns in your life that  may stem from the circumstances of your birth.

Through flowing nurturing massage we will help you to welcome in a new year of life.  Celebration time is a minimum of one and half hours.

On our specially built chairs you will receive a twenty to thirty minute amazing massage.  This massage replenishes energy, improves circulation, gives balance and  peace of mind while releasing tension and work related stress.


This is an ideal massage for those who sit at a desk all day.  It is a fully clothed, oil free, uplifting back, shoulder, neck and head massage.

Some have said its as close to bliss as you can get with your clothes on!!


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