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The Richards Trauma Process

Do you have a story that you believe to be true about who you are and how you got here? Does that story help you or hold you back? What if you could rewrite your story when it’s not working for you? I can work with you to rewire your mind and body experience so that you can be free to write a future unencumbered by self-limiting beliefs. Just imagine!!

If you're up to evicting a Tennant (an unconscious core belief) that has never paid rent and has left your property (Mind and Body) in disrepair. Then you are ready to become all you can be? Let's go there together to discover the truth of who you are!!

Roger looks forward to working with each client and the healing guru inherent within them.

I am now offering TRTP sessions. Resolving Anxiety, Depression and PTSD amongst many other things. If you are interested in exploring TRTP with me and turning trauma into gold. I offer you 3 sessions, one week apart. First two sessions allow 2hrs each with 1hr rest afterwards. Third session usually 1hr with 1hr rest afterwards.

Investment is AU$1100.   Sessions are done via zoom or face to face.

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