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Hi I'm Jan

My passion in life is life itself.  If I join the dots of the life experiences of daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, goddess, therapist, teacher, hardships and  momentous joy’s that have me at this place today.  How can I not feel sheer passion for the exciting ride that bought me to be here with you today.

Life has been my teacher and along the way I have been blessed to be taught by amazing teachers.  I graduated from the University of hard knocks and I have learned to appreciate and celebrate the gifts I have been given and feel truly blessed.


There have been many bits of paper along the way, but my Ka Huna Massage training is the one that bought me home to myself.

“Momentum” gives me the opportunity to share all my skills with others, be it for massage, a workshop or counseling.  I get immense enjoyment from my work.  There is something quite special about providing support for people to discover more about themselves.

To take someone on an internal journey and be able to witness the moment when their eyes open with a new understanding of themselves and their world.  I am honored that people have trusted in me to support them out the other side of that sometimes scary place.

I have studied with
  • Brandon Bays

  • Sondra Ray

  • Mette Sorenson's Institute of Ka Huna & Polynesian Bodywork

  • Phoenix Rising Australia


My Qualifications Include:

  • Level 7 Ka Huna

  • Diploma of Community Services

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