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Body Rebalancing


7 Days of Experiential Training that gives practical and effective therapy to Rebalance the body.


Learn how to Manipulate tendons and muscles from head to toe using the Errol Clark and Lester Cox Technique, Cranial Sacral Release and Bio Magnetic Synchronisation.


Over 7 days Roger will take you on a journey to further enhance your bodywork practice’s teaching you, Release techniques for Spine, Neck and Major Body Parts. This in turn aids in the restoration of good Body Function and Pain Management. These technique’s are simple and with practice during each day you will become comfortable with helping others using these Technique’s to offer a full body rebalance.

It's not about discarding the techniques you have already learned, there's too much wisdom, too much knowledge, too much experience too much efficacy to do that. It is giving yourself the opportunity to grow your techniques as a body worker.


As Roger guide’s you further he will impart Advanced Quantum Physics Techniques to Enhance your Intuition. This is an introduction into Quantum Physics, connecting with and enhancing your Intuition. We all have Intuition and now is the time to learn the part that it plays when you are working with wellness.

Roger will demonstrate to you how to connect with the Body’s Electronic System and how to do a Body Reading.


Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for to expand on the learning you already have taking your techniques to the next level. 7 days of investment into your future healing work.

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