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Intuition Workshop's


Rebooting Your Intuition Muscle 

Have you ever felt regret and said to yourself "My gut feeling was...and I didn't follow it?" - yes we all have haven't we. "Your Intuition is just like a muscle when you don’t use it you loose it” it will go into atrophy. The great news you still have what you were born with I am feeling grateful to share some of the techniques I have discovered to sharpen my intuition.

Participants will need to bring a photo of someone they know well and some coloured pencils. It needs to be a printed pic not on phone or iPad.   This is a four hour workshop.

Enhancing your Intuition for Bodywork Workshop

Three Day Experiential Training to impart advanced knowledge and techniques.  Roger will assist you to reconnect with your intuition.  We all have intuition and now is the time to learn the part that it plays when you are working with wellness.  Roger will demonstrate to you ow to connect with the Body's Electronic System and how to do a Body Reading.  Introduction to Quantum Physics, Connecting with and Enhancing your Intuition.

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