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Relationship Workshop with Roger & Jan

Over two days this workshop gives you a roadmap to navigate from disappointment to happiness in your relationship.


Over the last 20 years Roger and Jan have trained extensively in Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual modalities. We are now combining the work of Quantum Physicist’s, Bruce Lipton, Candice Pert and Phoenix Rising Australia, with an age old philosophy enabling a working insight into the “The cycles of Relationship’s”. Learning about this cycle has had an enormous impact transforming our lives, wellbeing and relationship’s with each other, family and friends. Understanding how the cycles work has given us the ability to resolve and thrive.


This is a workshop for you if;


  • Your relationship is struggling and you feel stuck.

  • You are in a new relationship and want to build a firm foundation without repeating past patterns.

  • You have experienced a betrayal in your relationship.

  • You are ending a relationship and want to leave on amicable terms.

  • Your relationship is strong so far, and you want to continue to learn new skills to be ableto navigate your relationship successfully in the future as your lives and circumstances change.

You will also learn how to support yourselves in your relationship in the future. You will have the opportunity to learn invaluable tools to use for the rest of your life, not just in your primal relationship also in every personal and professional relationship you have now and will in your future.

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